Although your Clover® device comes equipped with everything you need to use it, accessories are available to take it even further. Accessories including printers and scanners allow you to customize your Clover device, no matter which one you select, and optimize it for your business.

Clover POS System is adaptable to every aspect of your business.

Mobile Printer

Combine your Clover Mobile with this printer to create a system that can keep up with your business no matter where you are. This mobile printer features a base clip and is made with liquid silicone rubber, providing improved drop protection for those occasional, accidental mishaps.

Barcode Scanner

Any 1D barcode–including standard barcodes on paper labels, electronic barcodes mobile screens, and HD barcodes seen in electronic component manufacturing and specialty retail stores--can be scanned using this easy-to-setup scanner. An optional stand is also available, which adds to its versatility.

Cash Drawer

Your Clover POS system comes with a cash drawer, but having an extra one on hand can be convenient.

Kitchen Printer

This two-color kitchen printer is specially made to tolerate the heat and humidity often experienced in kitchens. It quickly prints orders on receipts that look crisp and easy-to-read thanks to its readable type. The kitchen printer can print in English and other different languages. This kitchen printer is the only one that works with Clover systems.

Label Printer

The wireless printer can create labels for barcodes, price stickers, postage, and address labels at a rate of 93 labels per minute.

Weight Scale

Specially made for Clover stations, this scale can support up to 20 pounds, making it perfect for frozen yogurt shops and other establishments that sell items by weight. Information is transferred from the scale to the Clover station, aiding in an accurate and quick checkout process.

PIN Debit Pad

Accept PIN-based debit transactions using this accessory that plugs right into your Clover Station. The FD40 also accepts contactless payment transactions, including Google Wallet, Apply Pay, MasterCard PayPass, and EMV (chip-and-PIN and chip-and-signature).

Merchant Keypad

This keypad works with the Clover Mini, allowing you to interact with your customers while they pay. Now you can easily switch between issuing card refunds, taking payments, and authorizing cards for later payments while showing your customers the Clover Mini's modern payment display.