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(Only For Puerto Rico)


** What's New? **

Auto-start on boot, no need to open app to start service
Fixes & Improvements

Web dashboard
Non-taxable sales


With IVU by www.BankTech.com, brings you up to speed with a flawless application to ease your mind and operation steps while accepting payments.

-Automatic, Manual & By Scan Reporting
-Voids/Refunds/Reprints Enabled
-Advance From & To Date Reports

What is IVU?
IVU is a program of control of the sales and use tax (IVU) , which uses technology to ensure that the tax businesses charge their customers get the Department of Finance , as required by law.
How does it benefit me IVU?
The IVU program ensures that the sales and use tax you pay in an establishment reaches the government to translate into services for you and your family.
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