Point of Sale (POS) Payment Services Equipment

CHECKredi’s modern line of point of sale (POS) payment services equipment gives businesses some great choices to conduct transactions and manage their inventory. They can also offer point of sale device training and installation and state-of-the-art payment processing services for a complete turnkey solution.

The Clover® line of point of sale (POS) payment services equipment gives businesses choices that are designed to match the size and type of business you’re running. The Clover® Mini can accept all kinds of payments, from chip cards, Apple Pay™ and magnetic stripe cards with a large selection of downloadable apps. The easy and intuitive interface helps staff get up to speed right away. If you’re on the go and running a mobile business, Clover® Mobile can go with you to conduct POS transactions quickly. Equipped with EMV® payment requirements, Clover® Mobile helps you manage inventory with advanced software while you are taking care of customers. A built-in scanner makes it easy to track and replenish inventory, whether you’re tableside, on delivery, away from the counter, with a client, or at an event. The Clover® Station tracks inventory automatically and builds a record for each transaction, and TransArmor® helps businesses safeguard customer card data. Clover’s dedicated app market provides access to a wide array of customization tools, and you can access your business information from anywhere, at any time on your smartphone, computer or tablet using Clover’s Web dashboard. There’s also a line of useful accessories such as a weight scale, cash drawer, barcode scanner, and mobile printer.

Other payment processing services include Clover® payment solutions installation and support. CHECKredi is available 24/7/365 to handle any issues, and the knowledgeable support staff is available to help keep your transactions running smoothly. CHECKredi’s point of sale device training and installation services allows businesses to make a seamless transition to their new point of sale (POS) payment services equipment. Technicians set up your new Clover® POS system from start to finish, and allow you to take care of your customers without missing a beat.

Contact CHECKredi today to set up your new system, and take advantage of the best payment processing services and point of sale (POS) payment services equipment currently available.